Jennifer (lakeviewfarm) wrote,

Nearly Winter

Winter officially starts 1st June. This Autumn has been such a mix. One day it will reach 20 degrees (celcius) and the next day we will wake to a frost on the ground... or heavy rain and howling cold winds. It is even confusing the daffodil bulbs who have started growing, thinking that it might be Spring!
The last couple of days have been beautiful. Cold overnight, but lovely sunny days. Unfortunately I put my back out on Wednesday, and am still recovering, meaning that I can't make the most of the nice weather!

The horses are on winter rations of lucerne balage, which we will feed right through to Spring. A couple of the skinny horses are getting grain feed also, as are the mares and foals. Thankfully Autumn has also given us some grass growth to help get more condition on through winter.

My dear friend ceinwyn77 has been helping us out. She is a gypsy type, who won't stay at any one place for too long, as she is always itching to travel. She has broken our appaloosa mare, Chenoa, to saddle, and her pintaloosa son, Lockie.( )
As well as riding my beloved Lui (Lakeview Kaluir) ( ) who is simply still too exuberant for me at this stage.
One of our plans is to do medieval horseback games. Here is a pic of ceinwyn77 and Lui at a local SCA practise:
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