Jennifer (lakeviewfarm) wrote,


I'd love to be superwoman, really I would!
I'm sure this is true of many people out there ;)

Occasionally I am asked "how do you do it all?"
Work full time, care for 20+ horses and run a stud. The fact is, I don't. I don't do it all.
Of course there is my wonderful partner, who does so much for me and our horses, but we don't keep up with it all. Our horses are happy and healthy, but their hooves are always overdue to be trimmed, their manes always ruffled and occasionally tangled, and they don't get grain feeds daily (unless they are one of the TLC tribe, who are on weight gain rations). None of them are stabled, and most are not even rugged through winter.
In many places this is unheard of.
One of the reasons I count my blessings that I live in New Zealand, where horse ownership is affordable. My guys are used to living out all year round, and most grow wonderful winter coats to keep them warm.
Also, my horses aren't in work. While I am starting to do a bit more riding, most of my horses have other "jobs". The mares' jobs are to cook the babies, have the babies and raise the babies. The stallions' jobs are to make the babies, and the babies' jobs are simply to grow.
So in winter (which is pretty much now, even though 'officially' not until June) most days all we do is feed the horses.

One thing the earthquakes have given me is more time with my horses. The city of Christchurch was very much shut down, and many parts of it still are. I am one of many who are not yet back to the normal routines.
I have 3 horses with rain scald, so I'm able to give them regular medicated washes to help clear it up. I'm able to spend some time working with the foals. I'm able to see my darlings in daylight EVERY day, rather than just in the weekends. This is the silver lining for me, although so many in Chch/Canty do not have a silver lining after Christchurch's darkest day. February 22nd, 2011.
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