Jennifer (lakeviewfarm) wrote,

Rest In Peace Rosie horse.

"Knight's Rosie" bred in 1982 by Ernie Knight
(Ralvon Luke x Stiletto)(anglo arab)
Survived by 7 (I think) of her 9 babies, and at least one grandchild. We still have a son and a daughter here, as well as her grand-daughter.

This horse was born to be a mother, and she was a really, really awesome one. Went too far once and 'adopted' another mare's foal! She always felt like she was missing out if other mares had foals and she didn't. Her babies are full of her spirit and elegance. I will miss our cuddles, and being covered in your moulting coat afterwards. I will miss your distinctive whinny - load and strong. You could always be relied on to keep the others in their place, no one would mess with you!
Tomorrow you will join your old friend Nissa, and your son Pat, in your final resting place. We can sleep easier knowing you will never suffer again, and that we have one more beautiful angel watching over us.
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