Jennifer (lakeviewfarm) wrote,

Rest In Peace

Lakeview Knight Patrol (Pat) passed away after battling a severe internal infection. This is the first of my babies (that I have bred) that I have had to farewell to heaven. He was rising 4yo. We still have a full sister and brother (will keep his little brother who is a stunning pinto weanling, but will sell her sister at some stage). His dam, Knight's Rosie, is old now, and at 26 years old she does the winters hard. We were originally planning to have her put to sleep before this coming winter. I am in no hurry to face this just yet. She is still happy and healthy.

It is sad. He was a lovely horse that I am proud to have bred. He hadn't done much, but was sensible and intelligent. It was a shock as no one expected him to go. We are guessing a heart attack as it was a sudden death after about a week of being unwell. What blew me away so much is that he got out of his pen (one strand of electric tape) and came to see us to say goodbye. This is the horse that didn't want to walk for days before his death, the horse that doesn't escape unless his sister starts the mischief. It was about 10pm and we were sitting outside in the dark, and he just walks up out of the blue, spends about 20 mins with us, and then dies.

He is now buried next to our darling Nissa, where he will rest in peace and be fondly remembered.
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