Jennifer (lakeviewfarm) wrote,

Shalimar Kalina

"Kali" is our 'foundation broodmare'. She is the first mare that we bought to breed from, and she pretty much chose me.
I was helping out at Holly Farm, a friend's arabian stud, and took a wander out to the mare paddock with some yums. At that stage, most of the broodmares were grey. A cute little bay came up to me first, and tolerated more cuddling than the others, as she was such a guts. Oh and what a pretty face.
I had no idea who she was at the time, but later found out that she was for sale.
This was 1998, and I had decided that I wanted to try breeding a foal. I had 4 geldings at that stage and none of them were gonna help me with my new dream!
Kalina was purchased and much loved. She has now given us 4 darling babies, 3 of which we are keeping.
I never thought I'd sell her, but the need to cut down, and the fact that now I have a purebred daughter to replace her has meant that I decided to part with her.

She is now with a good friend of mine, Angela at Desert Star Arabians, who also has her full brother, a riding gelding. She was even looking at buying Kali before we did. Kalina is 18 years old now, still a few foals left in her. She will produce beautiful babies to Angela's amazing stallions.

I miss her, of course I do, but she is much more spoilt with Angela than she ever was here. Such a little porker, I can't believe she is now getting a hard feed every day! hehe. Here are some pics of her.

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