Jennifer (lakeviewfarm) wrote,

Horse Survey Meme

1. Who was the first horse you rode in a lesson?
- It was over 23 years ago, so hardly remember. I rode a "Rusty" at one point

2. What's your favorite disipline?
- Trail Riding, Endurance, Inhand Showing, Parelli

3. Who's your favorite pony?
- Growing up it was "Shady", the pony that taught me to ride. Nowadays I love the ponies I have bred and own, but would have to get out the measuring stick to work out which ones are ponies!

4. What's the youngest horse you've ridden?
- Big Sam when he was 3yo, I think.

5. What's the oldest horse you've ridden
- Naaddel, when he was about 31 or 32

6. Have you ever fallen off?
- Oh yes.

7. What is your favorite horse color?
- A good horse is never a bad colour, but oh do I love my pintos, dilutes and appys

8. Would you rather ride inside or out?
- Outside

9. Who is in your lesson?
- Lesson? That requires moneys!

10. Who have you been taught by?
- Liz Thomas at Kowhai ( is someone I have always respected immensely. I hope to find a Parelli instructor that is half as nice.

11. How old were you on your first pony ride?
- 4

12. Who's your favorite horse/pony to jump?
- I used to love jumping, but then caught the fear. Shady was an awesome jumper. I also loved Cheval.

13. When did you start riding lessons?
- I was 8 years old (IIRC)

14. Who's your least favorite horse to ride?
- Anything that gives me the nerves. Especially buckers. Yeah, I'm not that confident these days

15. How many trail rides have you been on?
- I have lost count.

16. Most weird/interesting thing done on horseback?
- Dressed in a Xena costume

17. Have you ever ridden bareback, and on who?
- Yes, and I can't really remember which horses! Definately Sam and Shady

18. Least favorite pony to ride?
- See question 14.

19. What's the highest you jumped?
- It was around 4 foot. I can't believe I did it!

20. Who was the first horse you cantered on?
- It could have been Chocky, Tonka or Puffin

21. Who was the first horse you jumped?
- I think it was Puffin, but it would've only been cavaletti. Little man was 8.2hh!

22. Scariest moment on horseback?
- Don't go there, I am trying desperately not to relive them!

23. What is your favorite part of the horse?
- The whole thing! I am a sucker for arabian eyes and ears.

25. Who are your favorite boarders?
- Have only had Kirsty keeping her horses here (no space as we have too many!) She is my best mate, so always the favourite

26. Who are your least favorite boarders?
- none

27. Why did you start riding?
- Something that I really just needed to try. Growing up in the city I didn't even realise that there were riding schools around until I was about 8 years old! I just love horses, so needed to give it a go.

28. What is your favorite pony breed?
- Arab. Ideally crossed with something very level headed

29. What's your ideal height of a horse/pony?
- 14.2 - 16hh

30. Describe your dream horse?
- Nissa. Rest in Peace. He inspires me to make my horses as awesome as he was.

31. Favorite horse markings?
- Spots and patches! Oh and I love blue eyes :)

32. When was your last lesson?
- Earlier this year I think, or possibly last week. Kindly gifted to me by my sister as I don't have spare money for lessons!

33. Would you rather jump or do flat?
- Flat

34. Have you ever showed?
- Yes. Love it. Just don't like it when people are too ponsy

35. Ever ridden a boarder?
- No

36. Who did you ride in your last jumping lesson?
- Cheval, I think

37. Who did you ride in your last flat lesson?
- Casper

38. Years Riding:
- 23+ (although don't really ride often)

39. Favourite Horse Book:
- Haven't really got a favourite (yet!)

40.Favourite Horse Movie:
- Hidalgo (amongst others)

Have a mare/stallion: Both
Have a paint/thoroughbred: Both (crossbred!)
Ride a pony/horse: Horse
Ride a young/old horse: Old
Use a pink saddle pad/white: White
Have a nylon/leather halter: Leather
Ride western/english: Parelli :P
Helmet/no helmet: Helmet
Ride inside/outside: Outside
Gallop/canter: Canter
Clean your room/stall: Stall
Walk/trot: Walk
Trot/canter: Depends on the horse
Ride bareback/with a saddle: Saddle
Post/sit to the trot: Post
Have a purebred/grade: Both
Watch show jumping/flat racing: Jumping
Ride on the flat/jumping course: Flat
Barrel race/cross-country: Barrel race
Trail ride/endurance ride: Endurance
Have a lesson/ride on your own: Both
Spend the day at a barn/show: Both
Tack/untack: both
Chestnut/Bay: both
Roan/Grey: both
Black/Buckskin: both
Jumping Saddle/all purpose/dressage: GP, Isabell dressage, MacKinder endurance
17hh horse/12hh pony: Depends on the horse/pony. Both! 12hh is always good for a giggle :)
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