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The main reason I haven't updated much is that I haven't done much!
The horses, sadly, are taking a back seat. Financially we can't put money into competing them at this stage. And work-wise the competing doesn't fit in that well with what I am currently dealing with. It has been nearly 2 years without doing any shows, if I remember correctly.
This is ok, because my energies do need to be put into other things at the moment, but I am looking forward to being back doing the led showing that I love, and then some trail riding and hopefully endurance again too.
Have been cutting down a little on the breeding too. Too many horses at the moment to easily deal with, and much better only having a couple of foals each year rather than 4 or 5.
This coming Spring will be a novelty... No foals at all!
It turns out Kalina was in foal when we sold her. I have discussed this with Angela, and said that I may well buy the foal back off her. It will be Romeo's second foal, and depending on how it turns out, I might just want to have it for myself. (need to clear out some other horses first though)
Chenoa was in foal, and sadly has slipped her baby, about 6 months along. After losing Pat I am really not too disappointed, as it's as if this wasn't really a horse yet, unlike Pat who we'd loved for nearly 4 years. Got Chenoa checked out by the vet, and all ok. I might not put her back in foal anyway. She has really funny hooves, that she appears to have passed on to Lockie. It was a risk that I took when I bought her, but as they weren't in her pedigree I thought it might've just been a freak once off, and hoped that she wouldn't breed them on. Looks like it was too much of a risk. Lockie will be fine, just will need regular trimming and won't be a show horse. The feet are just too upright, bordering on clubbed. Never caused any soundness issues for Chenoa, but it's not like she's in work.
It has made me a little sad to have bred a "sub-standard" horse, but if I think about it, everything else about him I really can't fault, so I can't be too disappointed in it. Plus he is so amazingly playful he would make such an awesome Parelli horse and I am really keen to go that way with him (time permitting)
Next step, weaning and branding!
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