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I have been waiting for Spring for so long!
We had to buy some extra hay in. The grass is finally growing, but we have so many mouths to feed I'm not sure how long the grass will keep up for.
The most exciting thing is that we now have a FOAL! (and a lamb too!)

He is awesome. He was born on 17th August, just goes to show that I have been slack and not updated. I have only just decided on a name for him...

Introducing... "Lakeview Shylock" ("Lockie")

Yes, guys, a PINTALOOSA! *melts*
The first foal from our few spot Appaloosa Mare "Shiloh's Chenoa".
She was running with Punky all winter, and foaled in his paddock. Daddy is happy to have baby around, and Chenoa is such a proud and glowing mother. So beautiful.
Lockie will stay in with Mum and Dad until weaning, unless any problems arise and we will separate the stallion, but all good as gold so far. He will be gelded and sold at some stage, but I am in no hurry as he is simply a delightful foal. Loves to play and comes right up to say hello every day. Boy can he run too!
More pics later.

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He's beautiful! Congratulations!!! :)

Our pasture had to recover from all the dirt they moved off of it to build up a foundation pad for our house (which will be built someday years in the future -- haha! till then we're living in the barn!). It's making a come back, but I fret over it all the time. It's been able to provide ample forage this summer, but I've been careful with it. I suppose I will always worry about it, you know, because it's for my horses! ;)
You are, of course, making plans to ship this adorable baby to me in Kansas, right?

He is terribly handsome.. what a cutie! Congratulations! I can't wait to see more pictures. :)
Sure, if you pay for the transport!
I will accept $1,000 NZ for him at weaning :)