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Sunday, May 29th, 2011
7:53 pm
Lui's ride today..
ceinwyn77 took Lui for a ride round the roads today. He hasn't been out and about much lately. Her summary of the ride:..
Lui was looking for something scary, adament that the scary things were out to get him... He'd see a sheep (or other scary thing) and jump mightily to the side. He would slip after his jump, because of how slippery the ground is at the moment, and then buck because he'd slipped!
This is why I'm not up to riding my very expressive boy just yet!!!
Oh and I have even better SCA photos of him to come..... (might take me a few days...)
12:05 pm
Nearly Winter
Winter officially starts 1st June. This Autumn has been such a mix. One day it will reach 20 degrees (celcius) and the next day we will wake to a frost on the ground... or heavy rain and howling cold winds. It is even confusing the daffodil bulbs who have started growing, thinking that it might be Spring!
The last couple of days have been beautiful. Cold overnight, but lovely sunny days. Unfortunately I put my back out on Wednesday, and am still recovering, meaning that I can't make the most of the nice weather!

The horses are on winter rations of lucerne balage, which we will feed right through to Spring. A couple of the skinny horses are getting grain feed also, as are the mares and foals. Thankfully Autumn has also given us some grass growth to help get more condition on through winter.

My dear friend ceinwyn77 has been helping us out. She is a gypsy type, who won't stay at any one place for too long, as she is always itching to travel. She has broken our appaloosa mare, Chenoa, to saddle, and her pintaloosa son, Lockie.( http://lakeviewfarm.livejournal.com/46826.html )
As well as riding my beloved Lui (Lakeview Kaluir) ( http://lakeviewfarm.livejournal.com/42019.html ) who is simply still too exuberant for me at this stage.
One of our plans is to do medieval horseback games. Here is a pic of ceinwyn77 and Lui at a local SCA practise:
Tuesday, May 24th, 2011
9:19 pm
I'd love to be superwoman, really I would!
I'm sure this is true of many people out there ;)

Occasionally I am asked "how do you do it all?"
Work full time, care for 20+ horses and run a stud. The fact is, I don't. I don't do it all.
Of course there is my wonderful partner, who does so much for me and our horses, but we don't keep up with it all. Our horses are happy and healthy, but their hooves are always overdue to be trimmed, their manes always ruffled and occasionally tangled, and they don't get grain feeds daily (unless they are one of the TLC tribe, who are on weight gain rations). None of them are stabled, and most are not even rugged through winter.
In many places this is unheard of.
One of the reasons I count my blessings that I live in New Zealand, where horse ownership is affordable. My guys are used to living out all year round, and most grow wonderful winter coats to keep them warm.
Also, my horses aren't in work. While I am starting to do a bit more riding, most of my horses have other "jobs". The mares' jobs are to cook the babies, have the babies and raise the babies. The stallions' jobs are to make the babies, and the babies' jobs are simply to grow.
So in winter (which is pretty much now, even though 'officially' not until June) most days all we do is feed the horses.

One thing the earthquakes have given me is more time with my horses. The city of Christchurch was very much shut down, and many parts of it still are. I am one of many who are not yet back to the normal routines.
I have 3 horses with rain scald, so I'm able to give them regular medicated washes to help clear it up. I'm able to spend some time working with the foals. I'm able to see my darlings in daylight EVERY day, rather than just in the weekends. This is the silver lining for me, although so many in Chch/Canty do not have a silver lining after Christchurch's darkest day. February 22nd, 2011.
Monday, May 23rd, 2011
11:31 am
I'm Back!
"The horse.
Here is nobility without conceit, friendship without envy, beauty without vanity, a willing servant yet no slave...."
Ronald Duncan

Yes, I am still around, and yes, still have the horses, and still breeding the horses.
Unfortunately, this horse journal gets overlooked... when times get tough, it's the last priority. It's not that I don't want to be updating everything here. I've been meaning to get back into it for ages. Hoping I can keep it up a bit better.

As far as "times getting tough", there has been a lot going on for me. I won't go into detail, but for 2 major tough times, you can google and find out more about:
Canterbury Earthquake 7.1 Magnitude 4th September 2010
Christchurch Earthquake 6.3 Magnitude 22nd February 2011
Those are 2 big dates for us, and for pretty much everyone around here.

As for horse stuff, it will take me a few updates to catch up with the crew. :)
Wednesday, October 14th, 2009
8:14 pm
Rest In Peace Rosie horse.
"Knight's Rosie" bred in 1982 by Ernie Knight
(Ralvon Luke x Stiletto)(anglo arab)
Survived by 7 (I think) of her 9 babies, and at least one grandchild. We still have a son and a daughter here, as well as her grand-daughter.

This horse was born to be a mother, and she was a really, really awesome one. Went too far once and 'adopted' another mare's foal! She always felt like she was missing out if other mares had foals and she didn't. Her babies are full of her spirit and elegance. I will miss our cuddles, and being covered in your moulting coat afterwards. I will miss your distinctive whinny - load and strong. You could always be relied on to keep the others in their place, no one would mess with you!
Tomorrow you will join your old friend Nissa, and your son Pat, in your final resting place. We can sleep easier knowing you will never suffer again, and that we have one more beautiful angel watching over us.
Tuesday, April 21st, 2009
1:11 pm
The main reason I haven't updated much is that I haven't done much!
The horses, sadly, are taking a back seat. Financially we can't put money into competing them at this stage. And work-wise the competing doesn't fit in that well with what I am currently dealing with. It has been nearly 2 years without doing any shows, if I remember correctly.
This is ok, because my energies do need to be put into other things at the moment, but I am looking forward to being back doing the led showing that I love, and then some trail riding and hopefully endurance again too.
Have been cutting down a little on the breeding too. Too many horses at the moment to easily deal with, and much better only having a couple of foals each year rather than 4 or 5.
This coming Spring will be a novelty... No foals at all!
It turns out Kalina was in foal when we sold her. I have discussed this with Angela, and said that I may well buy the foal back off her. It will be Romeo's second foal, and depending on how it turns out, I might just want to have it for myself. (need to clear out some other horses first though)
Chenoa was in foal, and sadly has slipped her baby, about 6 months along. After losing Pat I am really not too disappointed, as it's as if this wasn't really a horse yet, unlike Pat who we'd loved for nearly 4 years. Got Chenoa checked out by the vet, and all ok. I might not put her back in foal anyway. She has really funny hooves, that she appears to have passed on to Lockie. It was a risk that I took when I bought her, but as they weren't in her pedigree I thought it might've just been a freak once off, and hoped that she wouldn't breed them on. Looks like it was too much of a risk. Lockie will be fine, just will need regular trimming and won't be a show horse. The feet are just too upright, bordering on clubbed. Never caused any soundness issues for Chenoa, but it's not like she's in work.
It has made me a little sad to have bred a "sub-standard" horse, but if I think about it, everything else about him I really can't fault, so I can't be too disappointed in it. Plus he is so amazingly playful he would make such an awesome Parelli horse and I am really keen to go that way with him (time permitting)
Next step, weaning and branding!
Sunday, March 29th, 2009
4:01 pm
Rest In Peace
Lakeview Knight Patrol (Pat) passed away after battling a severe internal infection. This is the first of my babies (that I have bred) that I have had to farewell to heaven. He was rising 4yo. We still have a full sister and brother (will keep his little brother who is a stunning pinto weanling, but will sell her sister at some stage). His dam, Knight's Rosie, is old now, and at 26 years old she does the winters hard. We were originally planning to have her put to sleep before this coming winter. I am in no hurry to face this just yet. She is still happy and healthy.

It is sad. He was a lovely horse that I am proud to have bred. He hadn't done much, but was sensible and intelligent. It was a shock as no one expected him to go. We are guessing a heart attack as it was a sudden death after about a week of being unwell. What blew me away so much is that he got out of his pen (one strand of electric tape) and came to see us to say goodbye. This is the horse that didn't want to walk for days before his death, the horse that doesn't escape unless his sister starts the mischief. It was about 10pm and we were sitting outside in the dark, and he just walks up out of the blue, spends about 20 mins with us, and then dies.

He is now buried next to our darling Nissa, where he will rest in peace and be fondly remembered.
Friday, December 26th, 2008
10:05 pm
Updates and Celebrations
The Summer has brought us a touch of dry, with the grass faded to brown and not growing.
The past week has brought us much delicious warm rain, and we are now green again and celebrating it. City folk complain of rain on Christmas Day, but we rejoice in it :)
We have found some free grazing just around the road. So secluded and sheltered and grass and thistles higher than my waist. We swapped 2 piglets and 2 ewes for the grazing, and so far have Sam, Lui and Nita round there nibbling round the thistles.
Because it is so sheltered there, the grass never dried out, and there is a stream trickling through that keeps the moisture up too. Carmen and Josh run the dairy farm, but these small paddocks were messy and weedy and welcomed the horses to help clean it up. Andrew has been out with the chainsaw sorting out old fallen branches, and we've been cleaning up all the old bits of fencing wire so that we can safely strip graze our babies there. Hopefully by looking after this place we will keep the free grazing for a while yet.
In the meantime it has given our land at home a bit of a rest, and we plan to take a few more horses over there until the feed there runs out. All good. It means I can focus more easily on the horses here at home.

Thankfully the rain has meant that we shouldn't get a drought like last Summer. We have started feeding hay out anyway, to ease the strain on our tired pastures. I have managed to pick up 35 round bales of meadow hay and 14 bales of grass straw for cheaper than it costs to make, simply because it is 2 seasons old. We have also sourced 49 medium squares of lucerne baleage, from our neighbour, at $70 a bale, which is probably a good $20 or so cheaper than the market rate. We are counting our blessings and slowly paying it off.
Added to this is the 20 or so acres of standing hay we are making into conventionals. I tell you what, it is such a relief to know that we will be sorted this winter. It really makes me so happy to know that my babies won't go hungry at all, and will in fact be spoilt! Lucerne Baleage! the feast of Kings!

If we can drop the horse numbers down as much as I hope, then we will have surplus feed also. Finally we may be able to re-sow some of our paddocks, which have taken a fair bashing as we have grazed them really hard. All the weeds are starting to come up now! It will do fine for the next while, but will probably summer farrow some paddocks next year (spray out the grass and plough it under = nothing grows over summer which means more moisture stays in the soil so it strikes well in the autumn when sown) especially as we are in a dry area.
May even be able to resow some in Spring (September) also.
Don't hold your breath though! Still have to pay for the feed and get the soil tests done!

Our "5 year ish" plan of developing this property and building our new home looks much more like a "10 year ish" plan, as we are 3 years here now, and still only put up 3 permanent fences and one fifth of the yards that I want! We aren't worried about how long things take, it's all part of the adventures of life.

People are talking about the economic downturn, but for me things are looking up. We are through one of the driest Summer's in years, through one of the wettest most grotty and muddy Winters in years, and now into a new Summer with no drought and more rain forecast a week away. This is cause to celebrate. This is my Christmas gift. Thank you Mother Nature for looking after us.
Sunday, December 21st, 2008
5:23 pm
Shalimar Kalina
"Kali" is our 'foundation broodmare'. She is the first mare that we bought to breed from, and she pretty much chose me.
I was helping out at Holly Farm, a friend's arabian stud, and took a wander out to the mare paddock with some yums. At that stage, most of the broodmares were grey. A cute little bay came up to me first, and tolerated more cuddling than the others, as she was such a guts. Oh and what a pretty face.
I had no idea who she was at the time, but later found out that she was for sale.
This was 1998, and I had decided that I wanted to try breeding a foal. I had 4 geldings at that stage and none of them were gonna help me with my new dream!
Kalina was purchased and much loved. She has now given us 4 darling babies, 3 of which we are keeping.
I never thought I'd sell her, but the need to cut down, and the fact that now I have a purebred daughter to replace her has meant that I decided to part with her.

She is now with a good friend of mine, Angela at Desert Star Arabians, who also has her full brother, a riding gelding. She was even looking at buying Kali before we did. Kalina is 18 years old now, still a few foals left in her. She will produce beautiful babies to Angela's amazing stallions.

I miss her, of course I do, but she is much more spoilt with Angela than she ever was here. Such a little porker, I can't believe she is now getting a hard feed every day! hehe. Here are some pics of her.

Thursday, November 27th, 2008
9:49 pm
Greener Pastures
Here are the last pics I took of Ed (Lakeview Lone Desire) before he left for his new home. His new owners are very pleased with him, and he's had his first float trip alone, his first bath and his first cover! It sounds like he was very well behaved and loves his new clothes :)
They're planning on doing a couple of inhand shows soon.
I do kinda miss him, he is so lovely and friendly and happy. Of course he has so many more opportunities at his new home, so I really can't be sad about that. His new mummy is very experienced. Firm yet gentle, calm and loving. All he could ever ask for. :)
Sunday, November 23rd, 2008
10:56 pm
About time for some more photos!
Here is our main man Punky! ("Rockdon Desire") as seen in my userpic.
We have him to thank for our lovely pinto babies :)
Monday, November 10th, 2008
9:12 pm
Horse Update!
Firstly, I have managed to sell Ed, to a lovely home. He will be much loved and is in very capable caring hands.

I have also managed to find a home for our new baby Charade, who is now 2 weeks old. He is by the pure arab stallion Naibara Moon Magic (that belongs to a good friend of mine) and out of our half trakehner part clydesdale mare Ourimbah Masquerade. He is so tall! I don't think I've ever seen legs so long on a baby! I think he will be taller than mum! He will be living with his older sister, Escapade :)
Here are pics!
Saturday, November 1st, 2008
10:42 pm
8:39 pm
Horse Survey Meme
1. Who was the first horse you rode in a lesson?
- It was over 23 years ago, so hardly remember. I rode a "Rusty" at one point

2. What's your favorite disipline?
- Trail Riding, Endurance, Inhand Showing, Parelli

3. Who's your favorite pony?
- Growing up it was "Shady", the pony that taught me to ride. Nowadays I love the ponies I have bred and own, but would have to get out the measuring stick to work out which ones are ponies!

4. What's the youngest horse you've ridden?
- Big Sam when he was 3yo, I think.

5. What's the oldest horse you've ridden
- Naaddel, when he was about 31 or 32

6. Have you ever fallen off?
- Oh yes.

7. What is your favorite horse color?
- A good horse is never a bad colour, but oh do I love my pintos, dilutes and appys

8. Would you rather ride inside or out?
- Outside

9. Who is in your lesson?
- Lesson? That requires moneys!

10. Who have you been taught by?
- Liz Thomas at Kowhai (www.kowhai.co.nz) is someone I have always respected immensely. I hope to find a Parelli instructor that is half as nice.

11. How old were you on your first pony ride?
- 4

12. Who's your favorite horse/pony to jump?
- I used to love jumping, but then caught the fear. Shady was an awesome jumper. I also loved Cheval.

13. When did you start riding lessons?
- I was 8 years old (IIRC)

14. Who's your least favorite horse to ride?
- Anything that gives me the nerves. Especially buckers. Yeah, I'm not that confident these days

15. How many trail rides have you been on?
- I have lost count.

16. Most weird/interesting thing done on horseback?
- Dressed in a Xena costume

17. Have you ever ridden bareback, and on who?
- Yes, and I can't really remember which horses! Definately Sam and Shady

18. Least favorite pony to ride?
- See question 14.

19. What's the highest you jumped?
- It was around 4 foot. I can't believe I did it!

20. Who was the first horse you cantered on?
- It could have been Chocky, Tonka or Puffin

21. Who was the first horse you jumped?
- I think it was Puffin, but it would've only been cavaletti. Little man was 8.2hh!

22. Scariest moment on horseback?
- Don't go there, I am trying desperately not to relive them!

23. What is your favorite part of the horse?
- The whole thing! I am a sucker for arabian eyes and ears.

25. Who are your favorite boarders?
- Have only had Kirsty keeping her horses here (no space as we have too many!) She is my best mate, so always the favourite

26. Who are your least favorite boarders?
- none

27. Why did you start riding?
- Something that I really just needed to try. Growing up in the city I didn't even realise that there were riding schools around until I was about 8 years old! I just love horses, so needed to give it a go.

28. What is your favorite pony breed?
- Arab. Ideally crossed with something very level headed

29. What's your ideal height of a horse/pony?
- 14.2 - 16hh

30. Describe your dream horse?
- Nissa. Rest in Peace. He inspires me to make my horses as awesome as he was.

31. Favorite horse markings?
- Spots and patches! Oh and I love blue eyes :)

32. When was your last lesson?
- Earlier this year I think, or possibly last week. Kindly gifted to me by my sister as I don't have spare money for lessons!

33. Would you rather jump or do flat?
- Flat

34. Have you ever showed?
- Yes. Love it. Just don't like it when people are too ponsy

35. Ever ridden a boarder?
- No

36. Who did you ride in your last jumping lesson?
- Cheval, I think

37. Who did you ride in your last flat lesson?
- Casper

38. Years Riding:
- 23+ (although don't really ride often)

39. Favourite Horse Book:
- Haven't really got a favourite (yet!)

40.Favourite Horse Movie:
- Hidalgo (amongst others)

Have a mare/stallion: Both
Have a paint/thoroughbred: Both (crossbred!)
Ride a pony/horse: Horse
Ride a young/old horse: Old
Use a pink saddle pad/white: White
Have a nylon/leather halter: Leather
Ride western/english: Parelli :P
Helmet/no helmet: Helmet
Ride inside/outside: Outside
Gallop/canter: Canter
Clean your room/stall: Stall
Walk/trot: Walk
Trot/canter: Depends on the horse
Ride bareback/with a saddle: Saddle
Post/sit to the trot: Post
Have a purebred/grade: Both
Watch show jumping/flat racing: Jumping
Ride on the flat/jumping course: Flat
Barrel race/cross-country: Barrel race
Trail ride/endurance ride: Endurance
Have a lesson/ride on your own: Both
Spend the day at a barn/show: Both
Tack/untack: both
Chestnut/Bay: both
Roan/Grey: both
Black/Buckskin: both
Jumping Saddle/all purpose/dressage: GP, Isabell dressage, MacKinder endurance
17hh horse/12hh pony: Depends on the horse/pony. Both! 12hh is always good for a giggle :)
Thursday, October 30th, 2008
9:12 pm
Lakeview Knight's Desire (aka "Little Kid")
Our darling pinto pony!
Half arabian.
His full brother is over 15hh, but this guy I think will just stay a pony. Dam "Knight's Rosie" is now 26yo, and did the winter hard. I was worried about her foal while Rosie was so light in condition, but although small, this guy is very close to perfect. Of course I am biased ;)
I was convinced he was gonna be a filly, and he's pretty enough to be one! hehe. He's prettier than his sire too.
I am so tempted to keep him as a riding pony.... he will be last on the for sale list I think... it would be nice to keep him for as long as possible.
These are him the day after he was born :)

Monday, October 27th, 2008
7:50 pm
I promise there are photos coming!

All our babies have arrived, 3 lovely colts. The pintaloosa, "Shylock" you've already met, we also have "Little Kid" who is a half arab pinto pony, and OMG so pretty he should be a filly!
Arab x Warmblood (with a touch of clydesdale) bay colt arrived on Friday. I REALLY want to call him "Charade" to fit with the rhyming names of his mother "Masquerade" and her 2 daughters "Escapade" and "Serenade". But some of my friends think that "Charade" is too much of a girly name for a colt... I think I might be stubborn and keep it though!
Tuesday, October 21st, 2008
9:02 pm
Lakeview Lone Desire "Ed"
Had no luck selling him before winter, as the drought was hitting people hard. Have listed him again on trademe, fingers crossed!
These horses are keeping me so poor! I think there are about 10 for me to find new homes for. That will make my life so much easier. Over 20 horses is simply far too many when I have full time work in the city (40 mins commute each way)
Thank goodness Spring is here :)

9:02 pm
Monday, September 8th, 2008
8:32 pm
I have been waiting for Spring for so long!
We had to buy some extra hay in. The grass is finally growing, but we have so many mouths to feed I'm not sure how long the grass will keep up for.
The most exciting thing is that we now have a FOAL! (and a lamb too!)

He is awesome. He was born on 17th August, just goes to show that I have been slack and not updated. I have only just decided on a name for him...

Introducing... "Lakeview Shylock" ("Lockie")

Yes, guys, a PINTALOOSA! *melts*
The first foal from our few spot Appaloosa Mare "Shiloh's Chenoa".
She was running with Punky all winter, and foaled in his paddock. Daddy is happy to have baby around, and Chenoa is such a proud and glowing mother. So beautiful.
Lockie will stay in with Mum and Dad until weaning, unless any problems arise and we will separate the stallion, but all good as gold so far. He will be gelded and sold at some stage, but I am in no hurry as he is simply a delightful foal. Loves to play and comes right up to say hello every day. Boy can he run too!
More pics later.

Thursday, July 24th, 2008
7:35 pm
brief winter update
Much rain, much mud.
This means minimal outside time, for another handful of days anyway.
Getting very low on hay, the grass will start to grow more soon.
Horses are sopping wet, but well :)
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